Tuesday, December 26, 2017



- I just finished a "Bodyvolt mix" of my track "Only for my satisfaction" that will be released in 2018 (15 years after the release of the original version on dutch label Creme Org. in 2003). Together with my unreleased track "Predictions" it will be presented on a Split-EP on Alienata's label Discos Atonicos around spring 2018.

- Plans for 2018: Delving into an experimental phase, collaborative works and "off the radar" projects in 2018. No Solo-EP or LP planned.  

- Thanks for a good 2017 to all supporters out there!


Beta Evers - Walking the labyrinth (Mini-LP)
Label: Falco Invernale Records  Released: October

Beta Evers - Eruption (Re-issue; original EP from 2005)
Label: Sonic Groove Experiments Released:September

Beta Evers / Spatial Relation (Split EP)
Label: Peripheral Minimal Released: August

Tracks on compilations (all out in December 2017):
- Flying Bodies - Electrified, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label Bodyvolt
- Black Pond - Mistress Eyes, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label. Bodyvolt
- Radikale Analog Fraktion - Aktion Indirekt, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label: Bodyvolt
- Someplace Dark - I am not like you. V.A. 5th 808 box. Label: Fundamental Records



I got many booking requests this year. Thanks for your interest! I regard my solo project BETA EVERS not really as a live-act though, it is actually a studio project where I use all my time and energy for producing new material. I played live a couple of times around 2003-2008, just to test various live-set setups, but realized that a one-woman performance is not exactly what I want on stage. In the future I would rather go live with one of my collaborative projects once in while and leave the solo project BETA EVERS in my studio where it belongs. I don't rule out that I play live again as BETA EVERS solo, but if I do it, it will be rare exceptions for special occasions. // Recently I also got requests to DJ, but I am neither a DJ, nor I have mixing skills. I just enjoy to play music for radio-shows or podcasts hosted by friends. 

Lastly, from now on I commit all booking inquiries to (Anita):