Thursday, November 30, 2017



Beta Evers - Walking the labyrinth (Mini-LP)
Label: Falco Invernale Records  Released: October. // After "Delusion" (LP, Dec. 2016) and the Split EP with Spatial Relation (Aug. 2017) this release will be the last solo EP/album for the time being. Delving into an experimental phase, collaborative works and "off the radar" projects...

Beta Evers - Eruption (Re-issue; original EP from 2005)
Label: Sonic Groove Experiments Released:September

Beta Evers / Spatial Relation (Split EP)
Label: Peripheral Minimal Released: August

Tracks on compilations (all out in December 2017):
- Flying Bodies - Electrified, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label Bodyvolt
- Black Pond - Mistress Eyes, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label. Bodyvolt
- Radikale Analog Fraktion - Aktion Indirekt, V.A. Electrified Bodies, Label: Bodyvolt
- Someplace Dark - I am not like you. V.A. 5th 808 box. Label: Fundamental Records

Other works that have not been released yet:
- Black Egg + Beta Evers - EP  (music: Black Egg; vocals/lyrics: Beta Evers)
- Some single tracks to be released on various labels/compilations in winter 2017/2018 and spring 2018: Fundamental Records, Electronic Leatherette, Dalmatia Daniel, Discos Atonicos.



I got many booking requests this year. Thanks for your interest! I regard my solo project BETA EVERS not really as a live-act though, it is actually a studio project where I use all my time and energy for producing new material. I played live a couple of times around 2003-2008, just to test various live-set setups, but realized that a one-woman performance is not exactly what I want on stage. In the future I would rather go live with one of my collaborative projects once in while and leave the solo project BETA EVERS in my studio where it belongs. I don't rule out that I play live again as BETA EVERS solo, but if I do it, it will be rare exceptions for special occasions. // Recently I also got requests to DJ, but I am neither a DJ, nor I have mixing skills. I just enjoy to play music for radio-shows or podcasts hosted by friends. 

Lastly, from now on I commit all booking inquiries to (Anita):