Saturday, December 10, 2016

NEWS winter 2016/2017


Black Pond - Chasms  (Vinyl EP+digital). Release: 1. May

Zwischenwelt - Paranormale Aktivit├Ąt (Vinyl LP+digital). Release: 23. August

Black Spider Clan - Metamorphosis - retrospective 2002-2016. (Vinyl LP). Release: 1. October Label:

Black Pond - Deepest Chasms EP (Vinyl EP+digital). Release: 5.December Label:

Beta Evers - Delusion (CD+vinyl LP+digital). Release: 9. December 2016 (vinyl a few weeks later).
CD on Daft Records, Vinyl on Bodyvolt Records. Digital: Bandcamp


Black Spider Clan - Metamorphosis - retrospective 2002-2016 (CD. previously released on vinyl on Lynch Law Records, see above). Release: 22. January. Label:

Beta Evers / Spatial Relation - Split EP - details will follow

Beta Evers - Mini LP - details will follow

Black Egg + Beta Evers - EP  (music: Black Egg; vocals/lyrics: Beta Evers) - details will follow


Over the last 6-8 years I got several booking requests, some asked repeatedly, some once, I promised to get back to everyone once I would be ready to play live again. I had collected all the requests, mails and contacts, but unfortunately I have lost most of it after switching computer systems and I don't remember most of the contacts, therefore I can only use this public way to say "SORRY" to those who are waiting for me. / I will play live in 2017, but only a handful of dates in Germany and neighborhood. I will not be able to make an extended tour because 2017 is very busy again. Nevertheless, if you are still interested in booking me, please get in touch with me via e-mail (see address at or the contact form of this blog. Thanks. B.E.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blog minimized...

I will use this blog on a very minimal basis for the time being. I try to post the most important news here though. More news and stuff can be found on Facebook

I have also accounts at Soundcloud, Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube, but I rarely log in there. Sending me messages via social media is not the best way to reach me. I still prefer e-mail. My e-mail address can be found on my label's hompage: 

Thanks for your interest.